About us

My name is Pierre Verbiesen, hailing from the Netherlands.

Throughout my career as a dredger, I've been a frequent traveler. However, there came a point when I desired something different. This led me to Curaçao, where I resided for over two decades. During this time, I became a co-owner of a large international yacht yard. Eventually, I yearned for a more tranquil existence, where I could personally engage with clients and help them have a remarkable experience. The yacht yard had grown too extensive for such personal interactions.

Consequently, I embarked on a quest to find a country that resonated with me. After diligent research, Costa Rica emerged as one of the countries where people are most content. Its climate, nature, sense of freedom, stability, and ease of livelihood were of paramount importance to me. Thus, I found my way to Costa Rica.

After several visits to various locales in Costa Rica, I stumbled upon Heliconia Island. It turned out to be owned by Henk and Carolien Peters-van Duijnhoven (also known from the Dutch reality TV show "Ik Vertrek"). They were seeking a change in Europe, providing me with the opportunity to take over Heliconia Island.

Heliconia Island is a breathtaking location situated on the banks of the Puerto Viejo River. This 2.4-hectare paradise boasts the most splendid botanical garden in Costa Rica, housing a variety of bird species and welcoming visits from wild animals. Guests can revel in the natural sounds of the river, including howler monkeys, birds, crickets, and frogs. The island's surroundings remain untouched wilderness where you can take leisurely riverfront strolls. In sum, I relish every day spent in this enchanting place. Managing a hotel is a joy for me, as it allows me to enhance guests' experiences by providing them with valuable information and opportunities for exploring the surroundings and participating in tours. I also enjoy cooking, especially when guests can savor the results. Much like the yacht yard in Curaçao, we cater to a diverse international clientele here, which is where I truly feel at home. I take pleasure in entertaining people and continually brainstorming new activity ideas to ensure everyone feels at home in this magnificent setting. My hope is to provide everyone with a memorable experience in Costa Rica.

Pierre Verbiesen...PURA VIDA